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Business websites

I set up simple business websites to specialized websites. All business sites comes with premium WordPress templates built into my pricing.


I have the answer to your E-Commerce solutions. I can help you build your store from the ground up. Whether your product line is a shipped product or digital download, I can design a platform that works for your company.

Blog Setup

Setting up a blog can be complicated. Having it done right is very important for getting traffic to it.


We live in an ever changing world and your website is no different. I can take the stress away by managing your site for you. If you have an existing WordPress site, I can also work up a management package for your company.


WordPress is a powerful content manager that uses themes and plugins to create dynamic websites that can be customized for your business needs. I allow room for premium themes and plugins which are built into my pricing.


Responsive sites are the only way to go, no longer do you have to build a desktop version, a mobile version or a tablet version. One version is built and the site responds to the size of the screen you are on by shrinking and aligning everything to fit.

Email Setup

Professional email is an important part of any business. I will setup and configure your domain name email with the hosting service free of charge.

About Me

Brian McCollum
I am a freelance website designer

I am 33 years old, I have a wonderful wife, Sally and two girls, Sadie (5) and Cora (2). I have a degree in information technology. I loved my web design classes so much that I decided I wanted to make a living doing it. I build websites for small businesses. I use the WordPress content management system. WordPress is a powerful tool to build any website needed for your small business.

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Here is my wonderful family!
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Brian McCollum

The Designer
I am a 33 year old guy that loves God, his family and technology! My passion is photography and my dream is to one day be a photographer for National Geographic. Another passion I have is website design. I truly enjoy the challenge of making websites that are a perfect fit for my customers!
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Sally McCollum

The Wife
Sally is my unicorn! She is my one and only, and there is not another one like her. Sally is a great mother, a great wife and she can cook. She is also my financial adviser who keeps me from spending all my money on electronics and photography equipment.
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Sadie McCollum

The Kindergartner
Sadie is my 5 year old who dreams of being a world class gymnast. Her only problem is that she is shy and does not want to be on TV. I guess the Olympics will not be an option!
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Cora McCollum

The Toddler
Cora is my busy 2 year old who loves to wreak havoc on our house every single day. She is feisty and has a mind all her own! Her personality grows more with each passing day.

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